Why Are 3D Wire Bending Machine So Popular?

June 14, 2023

In the past, many hardware production enterprises used semi-automatic equipment or manual bending operations to produce products with low accuracy, which means the quality was not very good and often did not meet the high requirements of customers. Later, some companies began to introduce CNC wire bending machines.

So, why are multi-functional 3d wire bending machine so popular? There are mainly the following points:

1、 The cost of using semi-automatic equipment for production and manual operations is relatively high, and the production speed is relatively slow, which cannot meet the increasing order volume of enterprises. The effect is different when using a multi-functional CNC wire bending machine. Its production speed is very fast, with some simple products being able to produce 10 pieces in one minute. Some customers have reported that the production efficiency has increased by five or six times after purchasing the equipment, and under normal circumstances, the investment cost can be recovered in less than six months, Equipment operation can be done by just one person, and even one person can watch two or three devices, so multifunctional CNC wire bending machines can greatly save labor costs;

2、 The equipment operation is simple and easy to learn. To use a multi-functional CNC wire bending machine, you only need to program it in the computer program and press the start button to start production. Therefore, the requirements for the technician are not too high. As long as you have a basic understanding of CNC equipment operation, you can learn to operate and debug the product in 3-7 days;

3、 There is a certain guarantee for the accuracy of the product, and every multifunctional CNC wire bending machine of Braun Automation is inspected by a dedicated person before leaving the factory, and the accuracy can meet customer requirements;

4、 Widely used, the equipment is widely used in metal bending products in various industries such as automotive parts, kitchen and bathroom hardware, wire technology, supermarket shelves, garden tools, furniture and chairs.

Xinsheng full-automatic metal wire bending machine provides metal wire bending forming solutions for auto parts, hardware, furniture, shelves, garden tools, kitchen and bathroom and other industries, helping enterprises transform and upgrade.

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