Advantages of camless spring machines

November 15, 2023

The camless spring machines have gained popularity in the spring processing industry due to their advantages over traditional spring machines. 

The servo motors on the workpiece claws of camless spring machines are independently driven and can be controlled using specific instructions in the control system, making debugging a lot faster and easier. In fact, it's estimated that debugging a camless spring machine is 50% faster than debugging a traditional one. 

The independent servo motors on the claws allow for flexible operation of the various bending arms, and they can even be combined with wire feeding systems, core turning systems, wire turning systems, and coiling systems to achieve more complex functions. This expands the machine's processing capabilities and allows for the formation of more complex products that traditional spring machines can't handle. 

Finally, camless spring machines are more stable and precise than traditional spring machines. The other drive shaft motors on camless spring machines are connected directly to the reducer, which not only overcomes the low stability of traditional synchronous belt transmission but also ensures the precision and stability of the machine during operation. The double-sided guide rail slider structure on the panel avoids the sintering or jamming phenomenon during the reciprocating motion of traditional slide rails, effectively ensuring the stability and precision of the machine during operation and extending the service life of the equipment. 

Therefore, camless spring machines have some pretty sweet advantages when it comes to spring processing, including easier debugging, improved processing capabilities, and greater stability and precision. They're going to play an increasingly important role in the future of spring production.

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