Some supporting machinery for CNC wire bending machines, hydraulic wire bending machines, and mechanical wire bending machines.    

  • CNC Spring Grinding Machine CNC Spring Grinding Machine
     It is an ideal equipment for double-end grinding of large quantity spring.   CNC Spring end Grinding machine adopts servo motor to control the grinding wheel and has the functions of automatic inspection, compensation and alarming. The feeding speed and quantity of the grinding wheel, grinding pressure, rotating speed of the feeding plate all can be programmed on the computer screen, This machine is convenient to operate and has a high efficiency. It is an ideal equipment for double-end grinding of large quantity spring.
  • Automatic Wire Pay-off Machine Automatic Wire Pay-off Machine
    The automatic wire feeding frame is used to produce spring with spring machine, which is helpful to improve the precision and speed of spring production. It can also be used for feeding other machines. 
  • Spring Heating Furnace Spring Heating Furnace
    Continuous temper furnace is a kind of heat treatment equipment for spring industry and food industry that is popular among customers. Adopts imported electrical elements, stepless speed regulators, has advantages as energy saving, rapid temperature raising, uniform and stable temperature in furnace chest, high precision in automatic control, convenient for continuous working, good reliability ect.

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