This machine adopts hydraulic system, with CNC control and touch screen to finish all processes automatically : feeding, straighten , cutting ,twisting ring , ear punch and forming. Customers can customize different kinds of shaped rings.    

  • 3D Ring Twisting Making Machine 3D Ring Twisting Making Machine
    The 3D Ring Twisting Making Machine adopts hydraulic line cutting, which has the characteristics of strong power, stable performance, high precision, compact structure, small volume, reasonable layout and low noise.The control system of the machine adopts a special controller, which has the advantages of accurate counting, stable performance, long service life and fast speed.The important components of the machine, such as wire feeding wheel, straightening wheel and forming wheel, are made of high-quality alloy. After vacuum heat treatment, it has high wear resistance and long service life. It is one of the best-known models in the industry.

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