Mechanical hook making machine is to produce kinds of hooks expertly. There are 3 types for option. Hanger hook, tomato hook, and Eye screw hooks.
It is with high output and stable quality. Once machine can achieve fully automatic in line, from feeding , straightening ,cutting, bending ,threading without stop. Labor saving and stable production.    

  • Hanger Hook and Other Hook Machine Hanger Hook and Other Hook Machine
    Product description : Fully automatic hanger making machine has a fast production capacity, can reach 30-60 pieces per minute. Smooth operation, high yield, less defective. Controlled by frequency converter, easy to adjust and form hanger. It’s feeding adopted in servo motor control , which is characterized by feeding at high precision. At the meantime, it can produce butterfly hanger with welding function all in line. We have several model for options, common hanger, butter-fly hanger , PVC coated hanger .We can make machine according to customer’s special requirement 

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