10 advantages of a good wire forming machine

August 07, 2021
10 advantages of a good wire forming machine

1. The wire forming machine using computer control system and servo motor imported from Japan.

2. Bearings, gears and other important parts are imported from Taiwan, and the equipment is durable and reliable; using high-speed motors, the production speed is more than 25% higher than similar domestic products.

3. The computer has Chinese and English (optional) interfaces, easy to operate, accurate positioning, and all motors can run synchronously or independently.

4. Lightweight and flexible structure, fast operation, adopting European and American molding technology, high production accuracy and good stability; the feeding line and the rotating arm are separated and coordinated, when the head is turned, the line does not turn, the production is more stable, and the speed is faster .

5. Equipped with precision detection and tracking device, if there are unqualified products, it can automatically stop.

6. Adjust the speed while changing the program while producing, easy to operate, turn on, turn off, fast and slow angle folding, no angle change.

7. According to the working conditions on the fluorescent screen, the outer diameter angle of the product can be corrected at any time.

8. The system can be connected to the Internet to realize remote control, making it easier and more convenient to carry out remote training and after-sales service. The wire forming machine has an automatic lubrication and oil supply design to ensure long-term operation of the equipment.

9. There is an automatic shutdown design and automatic acceleration function of the wire frame when the wire is wireless, broken or tangled, making production easier and more effective.

10. Suitable for production: car seats, exhaust pipe hooks, car headrest rods, car hood support rods, garden tools, supermarket trolleys and other wire forming products and various special-shaped spring products.

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