2 machines recommended by wire bending machine manufacturers


Reading this article, you will learn about three different wire bending machines in the XINSHENG MACHINERY factory. Maybe you will be interested in them. This will be of great help to your upcoming purchase of wire bending equipment.

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(1)4 axis 2d wire bending machine for steel wire 4-10mm with best price


Features:The wire bending machine has a high bending precision factor, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Application:Processing and customizing various steel wire bending forming special-shaped spring display stand hook bracket wire forming spring.

(2)3D CNC Wire Bending Machine for metal wire products applied to Auto Industry area and Hardware Industry


Features:The efficiency of wire bending machines is fast. Compared with ordinary or traditional machines, the most characteristic contrast of wire bending machines is the computer numerical control operating system. It has a multi-tool programming function, which can realize multiple automatic operations and complete steps. The parts are processed and formed at one time, and the program can be changed while adjusting the speed while producing.

Application:Used in auto parts industry, metal products industry, home industry, including car seat frame, auto parts molding; pet cage accessories; kitchen and bathroom hardware accessories.

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