Copper wire inductor coil making machine

January 04, 2023

Copper wire inductor coil making machine Description:

This machine is also one of the CNC thread turning machines. It adopts cam free design, with fast adjustment speed, high accuracy and good stability. We mainly produce new energy inductance coil, copper coil and other products of various shapes.

Flat copper wire inductor making machine

Round copper wire inductor making machine

New energy vehicles are the intersection of high-tech and sustainable development mode, the highlight of energy conservation and emission reduction and low-carbon economy, and the focus of the development of the new generation of automobile industry. Modern electric vehicles fall into three categories: pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles.

Compared with traditional vehicles, the characteristics of new energy vehicles are particularly obvious:

1) High energy conversion efficiency. The energy conversion efficiency of fuel cell can be as high as 60-80%, which is 2-3 times of that of internal combustion engine;

2) Zero emission, no environmental pollution. The fuel of fuel cell is hydrogen and oxygen, and the product is clean water;

3) Hydrogen fuel comes from a wide range of sources, can be obtained from renewable energy sources, and does not rely on petroleum fuel.

Inductors are widely used in electronic circuits of new energy vehicles and are important components of automotive electronic technology. It can be divided into two categories according to functions. First, electronic control system of vehicle body, such as sensor, DC/DC converter, etc; Second, on-board electronic control system, such as: on-board CD/DVD audio system, GPS navigation system, etc. Inductance solutions are developing towards the direction of high efficiency, small size and low noise, giving full play to the advantages of new energy vehicles.

Inductors in the circuit mainly play the role of filtering, oscillation, delay, notch, etc., as well as filtering signals, filtering noise, stabilizing current and suppressing electromagnetic interference. DC/DC converter is a power conversion device of DC power supply. BOOST DC/DC converter used in new energy vehicles is mainly used for boosting the high-voltage system to meet the operation of motor drive system.

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