Principle of wire bending machine


It is the wire rod is sent to the machine body through the wire feeder, straightened and fed to the processing area of the machine, and then bent and formed by the coiling and feeding shaft, and various angles are formed by the rotation of the rotor shaft. Cut off and reproduce the next piece.

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  1. The wire feeding wheel is driven by the precision servo motor to rotate, and the professional wire bending machine computer system is used to control each driver to perform each step of forming. The slow rise and fall curve of the servo motor and the speed of the servo motor can be arbitrarily modified according to the needs, which eliminates the mechanical transmission. The impact ensures that the actual transmission wire length is consistent with the theoretical calculation length;

2. When designing the budget, each MM length has been divided into 10 segments of pulses, which further ensures that the length accuracy setting and the wire feeding accuracy can be controlled at 300±10 wires;

3. Adjustable servo cutting can ensure the neatness of the circle incision, and the cutting time and the retracting time can be directly modified on the text display;

4. It is designed with manual slow-speed feeding and slow-speed feeding functions, which is easy to operate and reduces material loss.

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