Hydraulic Wire Bending Machine

The characteristics of the CNC hoop bending and punching integrated machine are rapid prototyping, CNC operation, multi-purpose machine, and stable operation. We can process various types of clamps, such as U-shaped clamps, M-shaped clamps, seismic support suspension clamps, traffic sign clamps, ohmic clamps, and other products.

Hose Clamp Making Machine XS-50PC-3A uses high-quality intelligent CNC industrial computers for operation and control, making it easy to operate and use.

Traditional hoop production has problems such as high labor costs, slow work efficiency, and low accuracy. However, the flat iron hoop machine breaks through the drawbacks of traditional production methods, with only one person operating the equipment, saving labor costs; CNC operation, without manual calculation, with higher accuracy; One-time molding, higher production efficiency; The production of different types of hoops can only be adjusted by parameters, making it more convenient to use.

What are the specific advantages of the Hose Clamp Making Machine XS-50PC-3A?

1. Low labor cost. The equipment can be operated by only one person, and the design of automated production allows machines to replace manual labor, which can withstand 10 to 30 labor, greatly saving labor costs.

2. Higher accuracy. The equipment is CNC operated, which can quickly complete the punching and forming process. CNC operation does not require manual calculation, and automatic locking is required for night pressing, with high accuracy. From feeding to forming, automated production can be achieved. The size of the hoop products produced is consistent and there is no error.

3. High production efficiency. A flat iron hoop machine can achieve straightening, punching, bending, cutting, forming and other processes with one equipment, and the equipment is fully automatic for processing and production. One machine is equivalent to 10 to 30 manual labor, greatly improving work efficiency.

4. Easy to operate. The equipment operation is simple, and the CNC operation screen controls the processing and production of the entire equipment. Different types of hoop production can only be adjusted by adjusting equipment parameters.

5. Stable operation. The flat iron hoop machine continuously optimizes structural design and quality from an application perspective, ensuring sufficient stability of the entire structure during use. The flat iron hoop machine is composed of different parts that are tightly connected. The equipment motor has a high load rate, and the long-term continuous operation of the load is basically stable, ensuring the efficient operation of the hydraulic system and providing strong power support for the equipment.

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