The car hardware accessories factory purchased two 3D CNC bending machines

The car hardware accessories factory purchased two 3D CNC bending machines

A foreign customer who produces car seats bracket parts contacted us on Alibaba . It is a professional car hardware parts manufacturer . 

Through detailed communication with customers , we know that due to their company's continuous development and increasing orders , the old production equipment can no longer meet the company's production needs , . So he wants to buy two machines from China that can meet his company's production needs . The customer needs two 3D CNC wires bending machines that can produce auto parts with a wire diameter of 3-11MM .

Our mechanical engineers carried out production , installation , and debugging in strict accordance with customer requirements , and the whole process went smoothly . After the 3D CNC wires bending machines was produced , the customer came to the factory to request on-site inspection . 

The engineer demonstrated the operation of the machine on the spot . The product produced was very consistent with the customer's requirements , and the machine was very stable and efficient . The customer was very satisfied , and then packaged and shipped .

The customer received the machinery and immediately put it into production . One year later , he was satisfied with the quality and our service . He said that he plans to continue to place orders for us next year .

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