In the past, many companies used to require customized bundling with traditional clamps, but this bundling scheme often caused a significant increase in bundling costs for the company. The traditional hoop operation is labor-intensive, has low production efficiency, and the finished product does not meet production standards. The production cost is high, and it can no longer meet the demand for the product. Therefore, there is an urgent need for an automatic new type of hoop forming equipment to improve the efficiency of hoop work. In this context, flat iron hoop machines are very popular in the market, greatly saving manpower and material resources, and can complete automated production. The produced hoop has high precision, rapid forming, and is time-saving and labor-saving.

Flat iron hoop forming machine (also known as hoop forming machine, hoop forming machine, fully automatic hoop forming machine) is suitable for traffic hoop, electric hoop, photovoltaic hoop, seismic bracket hoop, and hoop forming machine that supports various types of hoop production needs.

This type of machine can be used under the operation of one person, and it can achieve the entire process from adding materials to producing finished products with clamps. The introduction and use of this machine by enterprises can improve the productivity of hoop production, eliminate manual production with low production efficiency, and improve economic benefits for hoop production enterprises. This flat iron hoop machine can automatically shape the hoop bars, which is simple and fast, and can achieve fast and large-scale production. At the same time, it can also save raw materials and achieve fast and efficient processing and production. The quality of the product is also relatively stable, with good stability and a long service life.

The flat iron hoop machine does not have high technical requirements for operators, and its use and operation are particularly convenient and simple, time-saving and labor-saving. Under this batch production, it can quickly complete drilling and forming, CNC operation, and do not require manual calculation, resulting in relatively low processing costs. By using a fully automatic hoop forming machine to process products, the hoop can be configured for one-time molding without the need for additional processing, greatly saving manpower and material resources, and saving production costs for enterprises. This type of hoop machine can also process difficult products and complex shaped hoop products, with automated production, greatly improving the efficiency of enterprises. Therefore, in the process of modern production, using flat iron hoop machines can quickly achieve mass production, and one person and one machine can handle it! A machine is equivalent to the workload of 10-30 workers, greatly improving work efficiency.

This type of hoop forming machine can process various types of hoops, such as U-shaped hoops, M-shaped hoops, seismic support suspension hoops, traffic sign row hoops, Ohm cards, and other products. Multi use one machine, increasing production efficiency by 30%! Easily save costs!

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