Professional Custom Wire Bending Machine Manufacturer-XINSHENG MACHINE

Professional Custom Wire Bending Machine Manufacturer-XINSHENG MACHINE

Dongguan Xinsheng Hardware Machinery is a professional manufacturer of wire forming machines and spring machines. It is mainly engaged in wire bending machines, compression spring machines,CNC spring machines, camless spring machines, etc., with high precision, high efficiency, reasonable structure, convenient use, and debugging Simple wire forming and processing equipment.

In recent years, wire bending machines have created convenient conditions for the production of steel wire forming products. However, with more and more manufacturers of this type, people who 

purchase equipment must keep their eyes open. What are the main features of a good wire bending machine? What about the conditions?

Wire bending machine

First of all, the wire bending machine has a high bending precision factor, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Second, the efficiency of wire bending machine is fast. Compared with ordinary or traditional machines, the most characteristic contrast of wire bending machine is the computer numerical control 

operating system, which has multi-tool programming function and can realize multiple automatic operations. , The complete step parts are processed and formed at one time, and the program can be 

changed while the speed is adjusted while the production is being performed.

Third, the safety is high. While ensuring the efficiency of the wire bending machine, safety is also the key consideration. First, after the product is produced, the product is recycled in the designated area, and there is also an anti-collision fence next to it to prevent the machine from being hit. , When the operators are debugging, they also strictly follow their operating standards. Second, after the product is produced, the machine will be inspected and regularly maintained, and the operator will clean the operating table.

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