Sofa Zigzag Spring Making Machine

Sofa Zigzag Spring Making Machine
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Wire diameter 2.5-5.0mm 

Spring pitch 16-60mm 

Effective spring height 28-100mm 

Capacity 280 peaks/min 

Motor power 4KW Weight 1000kg 

One time cutting length 200-800mm 

Appropriate height of S-type spring 40-50mm 

Cutting type adjustable single peak , Double peak appropriate 

spring pitch 20-30mm 

Spring diameter 3.0-4.0mm 

Feed speed 0-24m/min 

Constant pressure 30KN 

Total power 4KW

High-yield automatic snake spring production line sofa spring equipment Features: 

1. The machine works fully automatically 2. The machine can produce 2 kinds of springs (flat spring, arch spring) 3. The spring is automatically cut, bent, and arranged in parallel 4. For steel wire 5. The machine has high production efficiency and a large range of processing wire diameters. 6. The machine is easy to operate and easy to maintain.

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