3D CNC Wire bending machine, widely used in wire forming in various industries such as kitchen and bathroom, car seats, lighting lampshade pet cage accessories, garden tool accessories, supermarket carts, etc.

3D CNC Wire Bending Machine 1

1.This CNC 3D wire forming machine is a flat and 3D wire bending forming machine. Realize the forming and processing of various wire shapes of different specifications. The forming action is mainly through the up and down movement of the machine head and the rotation of the left and right automatic steering. The movement and rotation of the machine head are all controlled by the system with a servo motor. While ensuring the processing accuracy, the movement of the machine head is greatly increased. Speed effectively improves production efficiency.

2.The CNC 3D wire forming machine adopts German multi-axis CNC circuit system memory circuit board technology, which has better anti-interference and better stability than PLC. It has super memory storage function, which can save the processing program, and only need to directly call the program when reprocessing Need to complete the wire forming process.

3D CNC Wire Bending Machine 2

1. The principle of the rotor wire bending machine is that the rotor does not turn the wire. The head rotates 360°, and the inner mold can rotate to support multiple R angle forming to ensure rapid and stable production operation; the production speed is more than 20% higher than that of domestic counterparts.

2. Smart computer, easy to operate, easy to learn and understand.

3. Multiple sets of servo motors and reducers imported from Japan, with high precision and maintenance-free, long service life

4. One-piece precision molded wire feed box, with high precision, good stability, durability and no deformation.

5. The machine runs with low noise and adopts German imported belt drive.

6. Important parts such as bearings/gears/rails/screws are imported from Japan/Taiwan. The warranty is one year and the equipment is more durable and reliable.

7. The wire feeding precision is high, and it can be made into wire forming products within the wire diameter range of 3.0-16 mm, and the error is reduced to 0.1 mm

8. It is quick and easy to operate to change the wire diameter of the same production line, and it supports the supporting use of the steel wire butting machine, which makes the operation of the machine more convenient.

9. The straightener of the wire bending machine supports advance and retreat.

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