The process of spring production by wire bending machine (2021)

The process of spring production by wire bending machine (2021)

Wire forming machine is a large industrial equipment. So we need regular maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of the machine, for the machine can get a great life guarantee, the reason for the failure is because of the damage of the equipment components, over time will affect the service life of the equipment. Xinsheng as a high-precision wire forming equipment manufacturers, there are many bending, chamfering, and other automation of the overall solution.

Wire forming machine

1. The wire forming machine needs to be correctly installed and placed. Why do you say that? We all know that the installation method of this kind of equipment is very important, but the place where it is placed is also something we can't ignore. Avoid dry and ventilated places.

2. Oil the 3D wire forming machine regularly. The purpose of refueling is for better use in the later stage. Generally, the location of refueling is mainly in the crimp, delivery box, transmission gear and other places. After refueling, the lubrication of the equipment can be ensured, and the operation is more convenient.

3. Keep the table of 3D wire forming machine clean. Before we go down every day, there must be some stains on the equipment that has been working for a day. After stopping operation, the surface should be wiped clean. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the oil will accumulate, and the circuit parameters may change.

4. Correct operation method. This is very important. No matter which type of equipment is used, the correct operation method is needed to avoid damage to the equipment, and the product quality has been better guaranteed.

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