Flat Strip Stamping bending machine

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  • Flat Strip Stamping bending machine Flat Strip Stamping bending machine
    XINSHENG Flat Strip Stamping bending machine is a newly developed, multifunctional and stable stamping and bending machine, which is suitable for stainless steel flat material / galvanized flat material / aluminum flat material.
  • Best bracket bending machine Supplier Best bracket bending machine Supplier
    WG brand represents the highest quality and service. It is the best supplier of turnbuckle machine, stainless steel support bending machine, garden melon and vine support bending machine and tomato seed support machine.
  • Hanger Hook and Other Hook Machine Hanger Hook and Other Hook Machine
    Product description : Fully automatic hanger making machine has a fast production capacity, can reach 30-60 pieces per minute. Smooth operation, high yield, less defective. Controlled by frequency converter, easy to adjust and form hanger. It’s feeding adopted in servo motor control , which is characterized by feeding at high precision. At the meantime, it can produce butterfly hanger with welding function all in line. We have several model for options, common hanger, butter-fly hanger , PVC coated hanger .We can make machine according to customer’s special requirement 
  • Hydraulic Circle Forming & Welding Machine Hydraulic Circle Forming & Welding Machine
    This machine was added with welding function on ring forming . It can automatically feeding , straightening , cutting, rounding and welding.Hydraulic circle making machine adopt PLC and 7 touch screen operation, ease the operation with just setting the parameter to get right circles. Feeding speed: 20-40 meters per minute, circle circumference error ±0.50MMMachine works fully automatically from feeding, straighten, cutting to forming.
  • Custom CNC Paint Roller Handle Making Machine Real Case Custom CNC Paint Roller Handle Making Machine Real Case
    Not long ago,an Indian roller brush factory manager contacted Xinsheng company to consult a paint roller handle making machine. Indian customer would like to consult a paint roller handle making machine that can make avariety of styles, because our current equipment can only produce a roller brush, the production cost of mold is too high.Customer requirements :Production speed : more than 12 pcs / min.Functional requirements : including flattening and chamfering functions.Wire diameter : 4.0-8.0 mm.By understanding the needs of customers, we recommend a programming model of CNC paint roller handle making machine to him.
  • Automatic Wire Pay-off Machine Automatic Wire Pay-off Machine
    The automatic wire feeding frame is used to produce spring with spring machine, which is helpful to improve the precision and speed of spring production. It can also be used for feeding other machines. 
  • Multi Axis Cam Less CNC Metal Forming Machine Multi Axis Cam Less CNC Metal Forming Machine
    Function and Features:1.Adapt camless design, fast adjusting of machine, high precision and stable quality2. Adopt Japan Panasonic Servo motor and Germany Roster reducer.3. Wire rotation design , stable feeding and more convenient adjustment of machine4. English and Chinese interface, easy operation , less experience required.5. When upgrading the machine technology, it can solve technical difficulty which ordinary CNC wire bending machine or spring machine can not do.
  • Special-shaped Spring Making Machine WG25-10 Special-shaped Spring Making Machine WG25-10
    WG25-10 spring making machine can produce all kinds of special-shaped springs and standard springs. The advantage of this machine is its cam-free design, fast adjustment speed, high precision and stable production.
  • Asia International Machinery Exhibition Asia International Machinery Exhibition
    In recent years, under the "One Belt One Road" initiative, my country's trade with Pakistan has become increasingly close. As the second largest economy in South Asia after India, and the fifth most populous country in the world (with a population of about 208 million, it has surpassed Brazil), with the rapid development of Pakistan’s industrial market, the market has great potential. We will take this opportunity to showcase our CNC bending machine series products.The Asian International Construction Machinery Exhibition-IEMA is organized by Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, the largest exhibition company in Pakistan and a member of UFI. The exhibition began in 2004 and is held annually. It is a professional construction machinery exhibition in Pakistan and enjoys a high reputation in South Asia. IEMA aims to provide and showcase new technologies and new equipment to customers in Pakistan and surrounding areas. The exhibition focuses on a large number of construction machinery trade exhibitors from Pakistan and surrounding countries. The exhibition has become a large B2B cooperation platform for Pakistan's supply and demand parties, and an excellent platform for international exhibitors to explore the Pakistan market.This exhibition will provide an excellent platform for communication, cooperation and trade for companies that have entered the Pakistan market to develop their business relationships in depth, and for companies that are about to enter the Pakistan market. The exhibition attracted exhibitors and professional visitors from China, Japan, South Korea, Iran, India, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, the UAE, and other places. It is one of the most important construction machinery exhibitions in Pakistan and South Asia.In this exhibition, we showed our customers: 2D/3D CNC wire bending machine, CNC spring machine, multi-axis CNC turning forming machine, roller brush bracket forming machine, barrel hook forming machine, looping machine, buckle machine, flat Material bending and punching machine and other products. Many prospective customers have already purchased our machinery.
  • Customized GT80-12R Multi Axis CNC Wire Bending Machine Case Customized GT80-12R Multi Axis CNC Wire Bending Machine Case
    Customized GT80-12R Multi Axis CNC Wire Bending Machine CaseCustomer introduction:Two customers from Russia, they operate a hardware parts processing factory, mainly producing automobile hardware parts.Customer requirement:Customers need a multi-functional multi axis CNC wire bending machine, which can produce metal accessories with line diameter of 3.0-8.0 mm.Customized solution:Machine model: GT80-12RSupport wire diameter:Hard:3.0-8.0mmSoft:5.0-12.0mmAxis number: 12Total power of servo motor: 55.0kwMachine weight: 8000kg
  • Custom Steel Iron Chain Making Machine | XINSHENG MACHINERY Custom Steel Iron Chain Making Machine | XINSHENG MACHINERY
    Xinsheng Hardware Machinery Factory is a professional manufacturer of chain making machines. If you want to produce all kinds of metal chains and need chain production equipment, please contact us and we will provide you with professional advice.
  • American customer customized WG48-12R wire bending machine American customer customized WG48-12R wire bending machine
    WG48-12R automatic multi-axis CNC bending machine is one of our main products. This machine can produce various springs and wire forms. The machine in the video is customized by a customer in the United States. The samples produced by the machine have been confirmed by the customer. Soon, the machine will be sent to the United States.

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