Hose Clamp Bending Machine

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  • Hoop Making Machine Hose Clamp Making Machine XS-50PC-3A
    Hoop Making Machine Hose Clamp Making Machine XS-50PC-3A
    The characteristics of the CNC hoop bending and punching integrated machine are rapid prototyping, CNC operation, multi-purpose machine, and stable operation. We can process various types of clamps, such as U-shaped clamps, M-shaped clamps, seismic support suspension clamps, traffic sign clamps, ohmic clamps, and other products.
  • Hose Clamp Making Machine XS-50PC-3A(Freely programmable)
    Hose Clamp Making Machine XS-50PC-3A(Freely programmable)
    In the past, many companies used to require customized bundling with traditional clamps, but this bundling scheme often caused a significant increase in bundling costs for the company. The traditional hoop operation is labor-intensive, has low production efficiency, and the finished product does not meet production standards. The production cost is high, and it can no longer meet the demand for the product. Therefore, there is an urgent need for an automatic new type of hoop forming equipment to improve the efficiency of hoop work. In this context, flat iron hoop machines are very popular in the market, greatly saving manpower and material resources, and can complete automated production. The produced hoop has high precision, rapid forming, and is time-saving and labor-saving.
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