Our company's main goal is to develop metal wire bending machinery, we have a stable professional manufacturer.

  • 2D CNC Wire Bending Machine 2D CNC Wire Bending Machine
    Adopt CNC industrial computer system with 3 years guarantee period. It is combined with 3-4 servo motors, which can make and store 2000sets programs , supporting data and parameters outlet by USB,. Stable sire feeding, and convenient programming by inputting parameters. Has the advantage of less noise and endurable quality ,comparing with traditional hydraulic bending machine.
  • CNC Spring Forming Machine CNC Spring Forming Machine
    CNC spring forming machine is to produce kinds of springs expertly with high precision and fast speed. Adopts Japanese Sanyo Denki servo motor and high quality controlling system. It can produce kinds of compression spring, torsion spring, tension spring ,abnormal spring and other wire forms. Can be extended to 4 axis with spinner upon request.
  • Multi-axis CNC Wire Bending Machine Multi-axis CNC Wire Bending Machine
    Multi-axis CNC Wire Bending Machine.Function and Features:1.Adapt camless design, fast adjusting of machine, high precision and stable quality2. Adopt Japan Panasonic Servo motor and Germany Roster reducer.3. Wire rotation design , stable feeding and more convenient adjustment of machine4. English and Chinese interface, easy operation , less experience required.5. When upgrading the machine technology, it can solve technical difficulty which ordinary CNC wire bending machine or spring machine can not do.
  • 3D CNC Wire Bending Machine 3D CNC Wire Bending Machine
    CNC wire bending machine is to produce kinds of 2D and 3D wire forms expertly with high precision and fast speed. Adopts Japanese branded servo motor and screen display with high quality controller. Easy operation and fast turn-key.

Holding "people-oriented, innovative beyond, priority quality and well services" as our management guide.

Our staff stick to the principle and strive to build up a brighter future in a market full of challenge and opportunity.

We will try our best to provide our client good quality machine and hardware with very competitive price and best service. Should you have any enquiries please feel free to contact us at any time.


We will try our best to provide our client good quality machine and hardware.

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    We have good team of technical, sales and development with skifull experlence.

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    Our machines were widely exported to many countries around world.

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    Ten years manufacturing experience in bending machinery field.


Our products have won a lot of certification in terms of quality and innovation.

Dongguan Xinsheng Hardware Machinery Co.,Ltd , established in March,2009 which was concentrating on manufacturing of metal wire bending machinery and hardware parts in China.

The main goal for our company is to develop the metal wire bending machinery and as we have stable and professional manufacturer in china. 

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    Company establishment
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    OEM custom solutions

All of our machines were CE certified. We also have plant to produce kinds of metal hardware parts.

  • Custom CNC Paint Roller Handle Making Machine Real Case
    Not long ago,an Indian roller brush factory manager contacted Xinsheng company to consult a paint roller handle making machine. Indian customer would like to consult a paint roller handle making machine that can make avariety of styles, because our current equipment can only produce a roller brush, the production cost of mold is too high.Customer requirements :Production speed : more than 12 pcs / min.Functional requirements : including flattening and chamfering functions.Wire diameter : 4.0-8.0 mm.By understanding the needs of customers, we recommend a programming model of CNC paint roller handle making machine to him.
  • The car hardware accessories factory purchased two 3D CNC bending machines
    A foreign customer who produces car seats bracket parts contacted us on Alibaba . It is a professional car hardware parts manufacturer . Through detailed communication with customers , we know that due to their company's continuous development and increasing orders , the old production equipment can no longer meet the company's production needs , . So he wants to buy two machines from China that can meet his company's production needs . The customer needs two 3D CNC wires bending machines that can produce auto parts with a wire diameter of 3-11MM .Our mechanical engineers carried out production , installation , and debugging in strict accordance with customer requirements , and the whole process went smoothly . After the 3D CNC wires bending machines was produced , the customer came to the factory to request on-site inspection . The engineer demonstrated the operation of the machine on the spot . The product produced was very consistent with the customer's requirements , and the machine was very stable and efficient . The customer was very satisfied , and then packaged and shipped .The customer received the machinery and immediately put it into production . One year later , he was satisfied with the quality and our service . He said that he plans to continue to place orders for us next year .
  • Customized GT80-12R Multi Axis CNC Wire Bending Machine Case
    Customized GT80-12R Multi Axis CNC Wire Bending Machine CaseCustomer introduction:Two customers from Russia, they operate a hardware parts processing factory, mainly producing automobile hardware parts.Customer requirement:Customers need a multi-functional multi axis CNC wire bending machine, which can produce metal accessories with line diameter of 3.0-8.0 mm.Customized solution:Machine model: GT80-12RSupport wire diameter:Hard:3.0-8.0mmSoft:5.0-12.0mmAxis number: 12Total power of servo motor: 55.0kwMachine weight: 8000kg

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